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Voter Fraud in Dade County is under investigation

The Team Trump social media page reported on Nov. 12 that a Dade County ballot had been submitted by a former Trenton resident who had passed away in 2015.


The announcement comes as an outcry of voter fraud sweeps through not only Georgia but the entire nation. Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said during a Nov. 11 press conference that all complaints of voter fraud are being looked into.


“We’ve turned that information over to Sheriff Ray Cross and the Secretary of State,” Dade County Board of Elections employee Tracy Street said. “That’s where it stands right now with us.”


Dade County Executive Ted Rumley addressed the seriousness of the situation during the county’s live weekly update.


“That is being investigated as we speak,” Rumley said. “That is a big deal. It is a crime. You need to know that because – it’s just not right.”


Rumley said Dade and other counties are being asked by the Secretary of State to give out a number to use to report voter fraud. Anyone who is suspect of a fraudulent ballot is encouraged to call the Georgia Secretary of State at 404-656-2781.


Raffensperger required a statewide manual recount of all ballots cast to take place on Nov. 13 due to the slim lead between President-elect Joe Biden and Incumbent Donald Trump. The Dade County Facebook page live streamed its manual recount of over 7,000 ballots to the public.


“It went very smooth,” Street said. “We had nine teams of audit panel participants with representatives of both parties observing and monitoring.”


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