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COVID-19 scams reported in Northwest Georgia

Chattooga county-based radio station WZQZ reported on Nov. 11 that another wave of COVID-19 scams is making its way through Northwest Georgia.


The scam encourages citizens to participate in a COVID-19 clinical study, which promises to pay those who participate up to $1,200 in cash. The scam reaches people in the form of an unsolicited text message, email or even social media message.


It goes without saying that citizens should not consider this proposal legitimate. The messages include a link to see whether or not the citizen is qualified to participate in the study, which could result in malware being downloaded onto personal phones and computers. Viruses like this can give scammers access to usernames, passwords and other private information.


WZQZ reported that, in some instances, citizens that have clicked on the link have been taken to trial websites that appear to be real. However, they were still asked for personal information such as their driver’s license and bank account numbers. Be aware, real medical researchers do not ask for this type of information.


The Sentinel reached out to the Dade County Sheriff’s Office to see if these scams have made their way into Dade. DCSO Public Information Officer Hailey Smith said no one has come forward saying anything about it just yet.


“I’m sure it will make its way here,” Smith said.


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