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Dade County Sheriff’s Office responds to burglary on Highway 11

The Dade County Sheriff’s Office responded to a burglary call on Nov.1 and found extensive theft and damages inside the local store.


DCSO Public Information Officer Hailey Smith said authorities received the burglary call at 7 a.m. and responded to DJ’s on 593 Highway 11 South. Dade units attempting to reach the store from the north entrance were forced to backtrack and head through Alabama due to a fallen tree blocking the roadway, only to find that a second tree at the southern entrance had also fallen into the road.


Authorities determined that these trees were intentionally cut in an effort to slow police response time. A Dade Sergeant approached the store on foot and observed signs of forced entry on the rear door. 


Smith said that after the scene was examined, it was determined that “an extensive theft and damage had occurred within the store.”


“The scene was relinquished to the Dade County Investigations Division,” Smith said. “[More] will be released when information is available.”


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