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A breakdown of the 2020 election in Northwest Georgia

Dade County saw its highest voter turnout ever during the historical 2020 Presidential Election.


A total of 7,468 votes were cast out of the 11,660 registered voters in Dade, totaling a 64% turnout. Of the record-breaking numbers reported, 4,117 were advanced early votes, 2,319 were in-person votes on election day and 1,032 were sent by absentee.


Trump handily outdid Biden in Dade, with 3,414 advanced early votes, 2,010 in-person votes on election day and 634 absentee votes, totaling 6,058 votes. Biden received 640 advanced early votes, 243 in-person votes on election day and 375 absentee votes, totaling 1,258 votes. Libertarian Jo Jorgensen received 51 in-person votes on election day, 44 advanced early votes and 12 absentee votes, totaling 107.


Here is a detailed look at the number of ballots received by precinct. 


In South Dade, 68.6% of the 969 registered voters cast their ballots, resulting in 665 ballots cast. 


In New Salem, 75% of the 1,255 registered voters cast their ballots, resulting in 941 ballots cast. 


In Davis, 66.7% of the 2,012 registered voters cast their ballots, resulting in 1,343 ballots cast. 


In New Home, 67.5% of the 711 registered voters cast their ballots, resulting in 480 ballots cast. 


In West Brow, 69.3% of the 1,237 registered voters cast their ballots, resulting in 858 ballots cast. 


In Trenton, 54% of the 3,573 registered voters cast their ballots, resulting in 1,931 ballots cast. 


In North Dade, 65.7%of the 1,903 registered voters cast their ballots, resulting in 1,250 ballots cast. 


The complete file with all of Dade’s precinct results can be found at Once on the website, scroll down to the reports on the right side of the screen and download the Detail TXT file.


Dade was not the only county in Northwest Georgia to see a record turnout. Chattooga county had a turnout of 10,095, which totaled 71.3% of the county’s registered voters. Trump received 8,058 votes to Biden’s 1,852 votes.


In Walker County, Trump received 23,079 votes to Biden’s 5,714 votes.


In Catoosa County, Trump received 25,142 votes to Biden’s 6,927 votes.


In Whitfield County, Trump received 25,591 votes to Biden’s 10,649 votes.


In Murray County, Trump received 12,938 votes to Biden’s 2,300 votes.


In Gordon County, Trump received 13,734 votes to Biden’s 2,269 votes.


In Floyd County, Trump received 26,721 votes to Biden’s 10,706 votes.


In Paulding County, Trump received 54,460 votes to Biden’s 29,658 votes.


In Polk County, Trump received 13,576 votes to Biden’s 3,650 votes.


In Haralson County, Trump received 12,326 votes to Biden’s 1,792 votes.


In Bartow County, Trump received 37,498 votes to Biden’s 11,924 votes.


While several counties across the country are still counting votes, Joe Biden was named President-elect on Saturday, Nov. 8. Biden’s Vice-President, Kamala Harris, is the nation’s first female vice president, first African-American vice president and first non-U.S. born vice president.


There will be a December runoff between David Perdue and John Ossoff as well as a January runoff between Kelly Loeffler and Raphael Warnock.


At the local level, for U.S. House District 14, Marjorie Greene received 5,887 votes in Dade to Kevin van Ausdal’s 1,219 votes.


For State Senate District 53, Jeff Mullis received 6,096 votes.


For State House District 1, Mike Cameron received 6,338 votes.


Lookout Mountain District Attorney Chris Arnt received 6,330 votes.


Clerk of Superior Court Kathy Page received 6,489 votes.


Sheriff Ray Cross received 6,510 votes. Cross received the most votes out of any Dade County public figure.


Tax Commissioner Angie Mooreland Galloway received 6,466 votes.


County Commission Chair Ted Rumley received 6,217 votes.


District 3 Commissioner Robert Goff received 6,126 votes.


District 4 Commissioner Allan Bradford received 6,273 votes.


Dade Board of Education Member for District 3 John Warren received 6,148 votes.


District 4 BOE Member Carolyn Bradford received 6,134 votes.


District 5 BOE Member Jayne Griffin received 6,183 votes.


For Coosa River Soil and Water, Loyd Gass received 6,173 votes.


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