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Dade had lowest unemployment rate in Georgia during September

The Georgia Department of Labor released on Oct. 25 unemployment statistics for Northwest Georgia during the month of September, with Dade having the lowest rate.


Dade dropped 0.1% from August to September, resulting in a 3.2% unemployment rate and officially giving the county the lowest rate over Fannin County, which had a rate of 3.3%. Surprisingly, Dade’s rates before the COVID-19 pandemic were actually higher than any of the rates since the outbreak.


“We work hard in the county to maintain our workforce,” County Executive Ted Rumley said. “We are fortunate to be close to Chattanooga. Our industrial sector has not had to shut down due to covid because they are essential. They didn’t have to shut down.” 


Rumley said that Dade County has maintained a top 3 lowest unemployment rate in Northwest Georgia over the last three to five years, even sitting at number one once before.


“It’s the location – that’s what it amounts to,” Rumley said.


The Sentinel asked Rumley if the Dislocated Workers Grant that has been available to workers who have lost their jobs due to COVID-19 has had any effect on the unemployment rate.


“It does [help] in a way,” Rumley said. “It has helped some. For four months, it gives you employment to get back on your feet. That has got to be a factor.”


According to a map released by the Department of Labor, Chattooga has the highest unemployment rate at 6.5%, followed by 5.5% in Murray, 5.2% in Bartow, 5.2% in Haralson and 5% in Floyd, Paulding and Whitfield.


The average unemployment rate in Northwest Georgia was 4.6%. The state of Georgia’s average unemployment rate was 6.4%.


Those interested in applying for the Dislocated Worker Grant should call Paula Stallings at 706-657-4625 or visit the Administrative Building.


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