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Dade County EMS leaves Puckett, searching for new ambulance service

Director of Emergency Services Alex Case informed the public during the Oct. 1 Dade County Weekly Update that the EMS is looking for a new ambulance service after its contract with Puckett came to an end.


The contract with Puckett ended back in July but because of COVID-19, EMS is still working with them until a new company is chosen. Case said that three companies, AMR, Ameri-Med and CHI Memorial reached out with interest in providing an ambulance, EMTs and paramedics.


 “We got a little late sending out our RFP due to COVID-19,” Case said. “We are looking at those [bids]. We’ve got to go through and fine-tune and check and see what that looks like. Once we determine what service is best for our Dade County citizens for what we see in emergency services every day, our call volume and what we do, we’ll make sure we have the best service care, EMTs and paramedics for our county.”


A date has not been set for when the new ambulance company will be chosen.


Case also reported that several sanitizer stations that were purchased with federal tax dollars have been vandalized. 


 “If you see somebody misusing something, let someone know and please call 911,” Case said. 


Dade County Sheriff’s Office Detective Cindy Thurman said that the DCSO is taking applications from low-income families for the Hope for the Holidays Program. The program provides assistance in getting toys to children aged 1 to 15 from low-income families. The deadline for applications is Nov. 25. 


Applicants should visit the DCSO and provide a copy of their 2019 W2 form. Donations are appreciated as well and can be cash or check. Check donations should be made to Hope for the Holidays.


County Deputy Clerk Carey Anderson issued a special “Thank You” to 40-year Tax Commissioner Jane Moreland after she announced her retirement. Mooreland thanked the county and her co-workers for the memories on the Dade County FaceBook page.


“We just want to thank her for her service,” Anderson said.


The general election begins on Nov. 3. For early voting and absentee ballot requests, visit the Dade County website.


Paula Stallings is still taking applications for the Dislocated Worker Grant that assists laid off workers affected by COVID-19 by providing temporary employment. Those interested should call Stallings at 706-657-4625 or visit the Administrative Building.


Georgia Governor Brian Kemp extended his executive order with no changes made until Nov. 9.


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