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Dade County citizens give goodie bags to DCSO, Trenton Police Department

A small group of Dade County citizens visited both the Dade County Sheriff’s Office and the Trenton City Police Department to show their appreciation for law enforcement with goodie bags for every officer.


Sandra Whetzell, Ashley Whetzell, Kathy Risbridger and Rachel Phillip said they felt called to show appreciation for the law enforcement in Dade after months of nationwide calls for defunding the police.  Sandra said that the scenario was hard for her to watch and that she needed to show Dade law enforcement that the community supports them.


“It just breaks my heart nationwide how the police have been treated and we just need to love them and let them know they are appreciated,” Sandra said.  “It just angers me how the nation is doing them in every area and I just wanted to do a little something to show them I appreciate them.”


Both the DCSO and Trenton Police Department posted their appreciation of the group’s deed on Facebook.


“A huge shout out to these fine women who came by our office today,” the DCSO said. “Sandra and Ashley Whetzell along with Kathy Risbridger and Rachel Phillip said they were called to do something nice during these hard times for law enforcement. The ladies prepared goodie bags for each officer in our agency. Thank you to these women for these acts of kindness; from every officer, we appreciate you!”


“Thank you so much for the care bags Ms. Sandra and Ashley Whetzell, Ms. Kathy Risbridger, and Ms. Rachel Phillip,” the Trenton City Police Department said. “These kind gestures are a beautiful reminder of how awesome our community is!”


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