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Trenton Fire Chief looking to install a Firefighters Memorial on the square

Trenton Fire Department’s Fire Chief Jerry Kyzer reported to the city of Trenton’s Board of Commissioners on Sep. 14 that he intends to install a firefighter memorial on the square next to the courthouse.


Kyzer said that two life size statues and bricks with the names of fallen firefighters will be placed on the front side of the courthouse through the help of firemen and volunteers. Kyzer said he is creating a Go Fund Me to help pay for the statues, bricks and plaques for all Dade County fire departments.


“People don’t realize the time over the years that volunteers have put into the fire departments,” Fire Commission Lucretia Houts said.


Kyzer said he has estimated a cost for the two statues.


“I figured that the cost would be around $7,200 for the statues,” Kyzer said.


Kyzer also said that the statues, which will be shipped from Minnesota, will cost $2,300 to ship.


The project is currently waiting for approval from the county commission. No dates have been set as to when purchases will be made or when the installation will be complete.


Trenton Fire Department’s Assistant Fire Chief Ansel Smith reported that an addition has been made to an existing ordinance about permitting. Smith said that any structure sitting 10 feet by 10 feet or larger requires a permit. Replacing an entire HVAC or electrical system will also require a permit. Specifications have also been made about bolts and foundations.


“Our locals know to put in a permit,” Smith said. “They’ll lose stuff because they’ll put in a permit but others won’t.”


Parks and Recreation Commissioner Terry Powell reported that the animal shelter adoption fee has been lowered from $50 to $20. Powell said this was done to fix the decrease in people coming to the shelter to adopt animals.


“I hope that if we drop the fee, more people will come in,” Powell said.


“That’d be really good Terry,” Streets Commissioner Monda Wooten said.


The commission voted on bids sent in to sell the city’s old paving machine. Kissner Paving’s bid was $15,000 while the other bid was a fraction of that, sitting at just over $1,000.


“Well, we have a winner then,” Police Commissioner Kirk Forshee said. “That was easy wasn’t it?”




The Commission voted yes to the adoption of the 2021 General Fund, 2021 Sewer Fund Budget and the 2020 Millage Rate. The General Fund is set at $1.8 million, the Sewer Fund Budget is slated for $414,000 and the Millage Rate is set at 4.498 mills.


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