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Discount Flooring partners with Lions Club and Streets Department to hand out 1,000 boxes of produce

Discount Flooring, the Lions Club and the Trenton Street Department collaborated on Sep. 10 to hand out 1,000 boxes of produce to vehicles as they drove past First Street.


KWN News Now’s Evan Stone said during a live stream of the event that the produce was originally intended to be shipped overseas. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was decided that the public should be given the fruits and vegetables.


“This fruit would have gone to ruin,” Stone said. “It was supposed to go overseas from our farmers to other countries. Because of the President being able to put an alliance together, he has been able to work with community organizations all across the country to be able to distribute this.”


The boxes consisted of a single cantaloupe, zucchini, squash, onions, potatoes and apples.


Citizens could either walk up to the parking lot of Discount Flooring or simply drive up next to the store to receive a single box of produce without having to leave their vehicle. Street Commissioner Monda Wooten said that several citizens asked for more than one box, but the group wanted to stick to a single box per car to ensure that as many families as possible receive the produce.


“We [could] only do one per car because we really wanted it to go as far as it could go,” Wooten said.


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