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Dade County receives $1.2 million FEMA/GEMA grant for use to purchase storm shelters

Upon approval from FEMA and GEMA, the County will be receiving a $1.2 million grant to be used in conjunction with a $1.2 million bid from Modular Connections to build three storm shelters for use in the event of natural disasters.


EMA Director and Trenton Mayor Alex Case said during the monthly County Commission meeting that two bids were made but one company backed out, leaving Modular Connections as the sole option. The shelters will be manufactured off-site and delivered to set locations, which are the Sports Complex, South Dade Community Center and Davis School Road.


If approved, the FEMA and GEMA grant will leave a cushion of $75,000 for additional work such as septic tank installations and water lines. Case said the next step is to find HVAC companies that will bid on the installation of HVACS.


“If it goes over budget, we can ask for additional funds,” Case said.


Case is still awaiting projection dates for construction and installation.


Case also gave an update on C.A.R.E.S. Act funding and expenditures. The county was approved for phase one of C.A.R.E.S. funding on Sep. 3. The county is still awaiting approval of an additional $140,000.


Case said the amount was awarded to Dade based on 2010 Census numbers.


“This amount of money was given to us based on the population from the 2010 census,” Case said. “That’s how important these census numbers are.”


Case said current expenditures include the installation of small waiting rooms with spit guards and other PPE in all of the local court facilities. The county was also able to purchase an additional ambulance. Teleworking and telelearning equipment is being purchased in the event that workers must work from home and students learn from home again.


“This is strictly being paid for through C.A.R.E.S. funding,” County Executive Ted Rumley said. “We don’t have to match any of it.” 


County Attorney Robin Rodgers announced that amendments to the recently instituted alcohol ordinances are being made based on recommendations from the FBI and GBI.


Rodgers said that on-premise consumption licenses require employees who serve alcohol to obtain a pouring permit. A background investigation must take place during that process.


“This doesn’t establish anything new,” Rodgers said.


Budget amendments were made to the FY-2020 budget. The County closed out its fiscal year on Aug. 30. The County had to increase the C.A.R.E.S. funds by $189,000.


A Budget amendment was also made to the FY2021 budget. Since the County took the rollback on the Millage Rate, revenue decreased by $95,000.


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