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Dade County abandons Lifestyle Lane in Wildwood

The Dade County Board of Commissioners voted on Sep. 3 at its monthly meeting to abandon Lifestyle Lane in Wildwood.


The decision was made after citizens in the area reported an alarming number of break-ins, vandalism, graffiti and late-night traffic. The county decided that the public has little to no reliance on the road.


A native to the area, Larry Stapleton, approached the commission about abandoning the road several weeks ago. Stapleton said the crimes occurring in the area are concerning.


“We have had people break into the auto shop and steal stuff,” Stapleton said. “We even had to put an alarm in the chapel.”


County Executive Ted Rumley said that he fully agrees with the recommendation to abandon the road.


“It’s the best thing [to do],” Rumley said. “It’s the best way to handle it because we can’t have an officer over there 24 hours a day.”


The road sits in Commissioner Allan Bradford’s district. Bradford was not shy about his opinion on abandoning the road.


“I’m more than fine with it,” Bradford said.


County Attorney Robin Rodgers said the county has been working to complete the abandonment process for over a month. A resolution was added to the board’s consent agenda so that a vote could officially be made. 


Commissioners Phillip Hartline and Robert Goff were not in attendance, so Rumley, Bradford and Commissioner Lamar Lowery went ahead with the vote. 


The board voted a unanimous yes.


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