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Census Bureau winds down response rates

The Census Bureau issued a press release on Sep. 3 stating that it is winding down its self-response and enumerating phases by the end of the month to leave enough time to officially send off all collected data by the Oct. 31 deadline.


Atlanta Regional Census Center Partnership Specialist Mandy Maloney said that efforts in enumeration efforts in North Georgia are over halfway finished. Maloney also said that it is now more important than ever to fill out the census with the deadline approaching soon. 


“We can still increase that number,” Maloney said. “It is not too late for people to self-respond.”


In Dade County, the self-response rate currently sits around 53%, which is far below the 2010 Census response rate of 62% that prevented Dade from receiving an extra $144 million in funds. These funds go towards roads, emergency services, public services, schools and grant funding.


 A low response rate can also prevent more businesses from setting up shop in the area. Enumeration data will help increase the response rate. However, the results will not be publicly available until after the Oct. 31 deadline.


“Please reach out to your networks of friends, family, churchgoers, PTOs, walking buddies and encourage them to count everyone in their household,” Maloney said. “We especially want to focus on communities that are historically undercounted to ensure every resident is represented for the next 10 years.”


To fill out the 2020 census, citizens can call 1-844-330-2020, go online to, fill out the paper form received around March or scan a QR code found on census flyers.


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