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Don Townsend wins Clerk of the Year

Don Townsend received the Clerk of the Year award during an Aug. 6 Dade County Board of Commissioners meeting at the Administrative Building.


Townsend was selected out of 159 county clerks in the state of Georgia. He received the award for his “outstanding performance and professionalism in government.”


“We’ve got people from all over the state of Georgia watching this work session tonight because of Don,” County Executive Ted Rumley said.


Rumley said the board has wanted to give Townsend this award for a while now. However, COVID-19 kept that from happening until this past meeting.


“We appreciate you and all the work you do,” Rumley said. “We’re proud of you.”


“I appreciate all the clerks across the state of Georgia,” Townsend said. “I thank you for this honor. I’m so thankful to be able to work in Dade County. It’s just an honor to work in Dade County. To work for this board – I really, truly am grateful and thankful.”

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