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DCS will officially receive $46,000 USDA Grant

The Dade County Board of Education held a special called meeting on Aug. 5 to approve the resolution for a $46,000 USDA grant to be used to acquire a 3-D Carbon Fiber Printer for Dade County High School’s partnership with the U.S. Army.


Superintendent of Schools Dr. Jan Irons Harris was notified by the USDA that the board must have a meeting with USDA representatives to negotiate conditions and approve the grant. Harris said that she and the board are happy to be providing the printer to DHS.


“We’re excited about getting the 3-D Printer,” Harris said.


A letter of conditions was laid out for the board to read and make a motion to vote on. The letter said the board must use the USDA funds solely on purchasing the printer. The board is also responsible for signing a grant agreement and providing proof that the printer could not be purchased without assistance from the USDA.


 If the printer costs less than the anticipated $132,000, the grant amount will be reduced. However, the board will still be expected to cover $86,392 of the cost, which is also being paid for with grants and rebates.


“We need to ensure that the board is getting the best possible price for this piece of equipment,” USDA Representative John Stanek said.


A motion was made by Board Member Daniel Case and seconded by John Warren. The vote was a unanimous yes and carried 5-0.


Stanek said that he and the USDA are anxious to see what DHS accomplishes with the printer.


“When we first heard about this project, everyone on our side was excited about it,” Stanek said. “We’re excited about this project and proud to be a part of it.”


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