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Georgia Department of Agriculture warns against open packets of seeds from China

Dade County held a live meeting on July 28 with UGA Extension Agent Sarah Dyer to discuss recent reports of potentially dangerous seeds being sent to farmers and citizens nationwide.


The concern over these seeds arose when the Georgia Department of Agriculture released a statement on July 27. The department said it is unknown if the seeds are an invasive species but citizens should not open the packages of seeds.


Dyer said that the seeds should not be opened but instead placed in a zip lock bag and sent to Tifton Laboratory in Tifton, Georgia to be studied to determine what these seeds are and if they are dangerous. Dyer said that these seeds may cause agricultural damage.


“Opening these packages can cause issues or concern to our food supply,” Dyer said.


It is currently unknown if any packages of seeds have been sent to Dade County.


“We’re trying to get this information to you before you ever do receive [a package of seeds],” Dyer said. “It’s unclear if it’s one service or not so be aware no matter which service comes to you.”


“This is a nationwide issue,” Dyer said.


Dyer said that these seeds may not be a serious threat. However, she would rather be safe than sorry.


To mail the seeds to Tifton Laboratory, send the package to PO Box 1507 3150 U.S. Highway 41 South Tifton, Georgia 31793. 


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