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Dade Water and Sewer Authority to use SPLOST funds for Brown Drive project

The Dade County Water and Sewer Authority reported on July 28 that the Brown Drive sewer project, which was estimated to cost $14,500, will actually cost $39,000.


Since the department only received a single bid, which came from United Water Service, the department will have to determine how to cover the expenses. The county agreed to cover the estimated amount with SPLOST funds, which the department hopes will still happen despite the drastic price increase.


“It’s not our fault that the price is so high,” Assistant General Manager Sherri Walker said. “We’re not getting many bids on these projects right now.”


A motion by the board members was made to accept the bid under the assumption that the county will use SPLOST to cover the new amount.


The original grand total after engineering fees and the estimated cost of labor was $34,450. With the price change, the new total would be almost $60,000.

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