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2020 Census: Complete Count Committee struggles to improve responses in Dade County

The Complete Count Committee met on July 29 at the Dade County Public Library to discuss census efforts after struggling to get citizens to complete the census over the weekend.


The CCC attended the Rising Fawn Church of God Backpack Giveaway and the See a Truck event in hopes of helping as many citizens as possible fill out the 2020 census. However, only 15 out of approximately 300 people stopped to fill out the forms.


Deputy County Clerk Carey Anderson said that while she was out convincing people to take the census, she noticed a trend.


“Even when people said that they haven’t filled [the census] out, it was more like ‘what is it?’,” Anderson said.


Many of the CCC members that were present over the weekend said they were also asked about what the census was.


Anderson said that Dade County does not receive as many census commercials as other places, likely leading to a lack of information about the census. Donna Street said that the commercials do not reflect the demographics of Dade County citizens and that this could be a factor in a lack of response also. 


While Anderson covers the census across Dade County’s Facebook page, there are several citizens in the county who do not use social media, which is yet another issue in getting a higher response rate.


“Is that kind of effort worth 15 [sign ups] – the answer has to be yes,” Dixon said. “Those are 15 people that would never have filled out the census without our efforts.”


“Yes, it’s worth it,” Anderson said, adding that a better way to outreach the county would boost numbers.

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