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Sheriff’s Office reports increase in thefts


Chief Detective for the Dade County Sheriff’s Office Tim McKaig reported during the June 18 weekly COVID-19 update that there has been an increase in thefts, scam attempts and even installation of card readers on gas pumps.


McKaig said concerned citizens should document the serial numbers on their most valuable items. Taking photographs of the items is encouraged as well.


“I can tell you, without the serial number, we probably won’t be able to get [the stolen items] back to you,” McKaig said. 


McKaig also said that citizens should lock their doors to make it as difficult as possible for valuables to be stolen.


“I know that everybody says ‘if they want to get in, they’re going to get in’ and that may be true,” McKaig said. “It’s an issue of making it a little harder to get into your stuff than it is to get in somebody else’s.”


McKaig also said that in-person and over-the-phone scams have been brought to his attention, encouraging everyone not to fall for them.


McKaig reported that a Silver Nissan SUV was seen attaching a card reader to the Pilot gas pump on Highway 299 hoping to steal multiple individuals’ private information. The store’s alarm went off and the vehicle fled the scene. McKaig encouraged everyone to search for a company seal on the gas pump, adding that if the seal cannot be found, the safer option would be to pay for gas inside the store.


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