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International Missionaries stranded in Dade due to COVID-19

A group of 30 international missionaries found themselves stranded since mid-March in Trenton due to COVID-19 forcing their countries to close their borders.


The group, a mixture of young adults from Ghana, the Solomon Islands, the Philippines, Fiji and several other countries, were originally spread across different states. However, due to COVID-19 causing bans on international travel, the group came together in Dade and have been living in tents inside the Lookout Mountain KOA campground.


“Since their countries aren’t accepting them at the moment due to international laws, in my opinion, there’s no place for them to go,” KOA campground owner Brian Kacvinsky said. ”If they left here and went to New York, it’d be the same thing there. We welcomed them here because they can’t go home at this point. They’re decent and really nice people and they’re helpful. We’re happy to help them because they don’t have anywhere to go at this time.”


Alan Suminguit, the leader of the group, said that some of the members have been in the U.S. on a one-year program, others for six months and some for only three months. Some of the members have been able to successfully go back to their respective countries. However, Suminguit said the majority are simply stuck in place.

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