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The Dade County Sentinel Back Online

Here at the Sentinel we are tackling the year 2020 with a vision for the future. Everyone wants to know what is happening here in Dade County and the Sentinel is prepared to let you know. Both, in the newspaper and here on our website.

The newspaper will be available on this site as well as current news stories, obituaries, sports and just about anything that happens in and around town. Advertising is offered on the website as well.

As far as reading all the content on the website, that is free as is reading the newspaper online. However, after a short introductory period, on Wednesday, January 22nd reading the newspaper online will be reserved for subscribers only. This includes current subscribers as well as any and all new subscribers.

Current subscribers will need to call the Sentinel office at 706-657-6182 to receive a password in order to access the newspaper online. When calling for your password please be prepared to give us your email address as that will serve as your username. Another helpful piece of information is having your expiration date and your mailing address ready.

Access to the online edition of the newspaper works just like regular subscriptions. When your expiration date arrives you will no longer be able to access the newspaper online. For ease and convenience you will be able to renew on the website. If renewing your subscription online is not exactly your preference you can always stop by the office located at 385 Church Street and renew there.

Rates for subscribing are $21.40 within Dade County. This includes a hard copy of the paper and access to the E-Edition on the website. For subscribers outside Dade County the subscription price is $26.75. This also includes a hard copy of the newspaper and access to the E-Edition online. For anyone outside of the county who wishes to subscribe to the E-Edition only that price is $23.54.